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Celtic Ireland Fine Keychains
Our keychains are designed with the most recognized and treasured symbols of the Celtic world. Traditional Celtic phrases, with English translations are on the reverse side of the keychains, key chains.
TRINITY KNOT Irish Celtic Keychain

Irish Celtic Pewter Keychain, key chain. Traditional Trinity Knot design on leather fob. Makes a fine combination gift with our wallets.

Map of Ireland Irish Celtic Keychain

Map of Ireland
Irish Celtic Pewter Keychain, key chain. Traditional Phrase:
(English)There is no strength without unity; (Gaelic) Ni neart go cur Le cheille. Keychain Length 4"
Celtic Cross Irish Celtic Keychain

Celtic Cross
Irish Pewter Keychain, key chain. Traditional Phrase:
(English) The Ancient Land of Craftsmen & Artists Saints & Scholars; (Gaelic)  Tir Na Gceardaithe Na N-Ealaiontoir Na Naomh Agus Na N-Olluna. Keychain  length 4.4"
Shamrock Irish Celtic Keychain

Shamrock Keychain.  
Celtic Ireland Irish design pewter Keychain, key chain. St. Patrick used the Shamrock to teach the Irish about the Trinity.


Ireland Flag IRL Irish Celtic Keychain

Ireland Flag IRL Keychain.  
Celtic Ireland Irish design pewter Keychain, key chain. Traditional Phrase:
(English) Ireland Forever; (Gaelic)  Eireann go Brach. Keychain length  4"

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Harp Irish Celtic Keychain

Irish Celtic Pewter Keychain, key chain. Traditional Phrase:
(English)Health and Life to You; (Gaelic) Slainthe Is Saul Agat. Keychain Lenght 4"
Claddagh Irish Celtic Keychain
Claddagh Irish Celtic Pewter Keychain, key chain. Our Claddagh keychain is a famous symbol with Traditional Meaning Phrase: (English)  Friendship, Loyalty and Love; (Gaelic)  Cairdeas Dilseacht Agus Gra.

Thistle Scottish Keychain.
Celtic Ireland Scottish design Keychain, key chain. Traditional phrase:
(English) The Thistle O’Scotland (Gaelic) Suaicheantas Na H-Alba. Keychain length  4.4"
Eternity Knot Irish Celtic Keychain

Eternity Knot Keychain 
Celtic Ireland Irish rish design leather and pewter Keychain, key chain. Our Eternity Knot keychain is a lovely design that is a symbol for everlasting and great love.


Celtic Ireland Irish Dancer Girl Keychain

Dancer Girl Keychain. Celtic Ireland Irish design pewter keychain, key chain. Traditional Phrase om reverse: Irish Dancers Kick Butt. Keychain 
length 4.4"
#KIDG - $12.00

 About our products:
 We created our Celtic products by studying the History of Ireland, its traditional  music and Irish Dancing. Ireland is a complex culture with verified dating  ranging back 5,000 years to the Cede Fields of Mayo, and earlier. We have  chosen many of the famous symbols of Ireland to proudly decorate our products. The following descriptions are what we find to be simplified  explanations for the symbols.

 Celtic Art:
 We may never know the exact influences that created the first true Celtic art,  but it is surely have reflections of the Greek and Mediterranean regions of  Europe. Early Celtic art and its abstract designs are abstract derivatives of  plant, vegetal, and animals of the world. As Europe developed its fine artwork, so did the Irish, creating works in stone and metal. Recognizable designs  include Irish spirals, running scrolls, and tendrils. Jewelry is both classical and  native, with special designs including the Claddagh Ring, and Bronze Age Torcs.


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