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Celtic Dan is an excellent way to help your school raise funds for travel, teachers, and outfits. Create a custom design, collectible fundraiser, what better way to promote your school, and image in the community.

No matter what your school's goals and objectives are, we have the Celtic logic to make a school fundraising program that will work for you. Small schools, or large, we can help your non-profit raise funds. We have selected several categories of Fundraising from our Celtic products. Click on our product selections below to get started!

But First, Successful Steps, and Safety!

By clicking on the following links, an Adobe.pdf will open detailing components of our fundraising. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it for free at http://www.adobe.com.

Introduction to Fundraising
Why Custom Design Fundraising?
Keychain Fundraising
Fridge Magnet Fundraising
Hanging Ornament Fundraising
Travel Mug Fundraising
Example of a Student Fundraising Template

Successful steps for a profitable Fundraiser

Establish A Goal
  • How much money does the group need to raise?
  • What will the group's expenses be?

Name A Chairman Or Captain. Consider Someone Who:

  • Is reliable
  • Has the time available
  • Has organizational skills and good communication
  • Has the appropriate personality to the cause
Gather A Committee
  • Select one adult per ten children.
  • Maintain a list of members and their phone numbers.
  • Make one person responsible for collecting the money.
Decide When And How To Sell  
  • Select a start and end date for your fundraising event.
  •  We recommend 2 weeks for a fundraiser.
Communicate Your Fundraising Event
  • Promote fundraiser through parent letters, posters and community announcements.
  • Alert community about event (Trip, Christmas, etc) fundraiser.
  • Hold a "kick-off" rally, which educates the kids on the fundraising programs, and build enthusiasm to reach fundraising goals
Start the Fundraiser
  • Monitor progress and provide encouragement and incentives to keep the kids motivated.
Collect The Money
  • What is the deadline to have all the money given to the person responsible for collecting it?
  • Once the fundraiser is complete, collect the order forms and money.
  • Tally the results.
  •  Keep copies of all order forms for your records or for potential tax implications.
  • Triple-check all monies and orders before calling in or sending your order to DVL, Inc, Celtic Dan Company.
  • Trust us, this will save you a big headache if your orders are correct.
  • Send tally form and payment to DVL, Inc, Celtic Dan Company.
  • Schedule delivery date with DVL, Inc, Celtic Dan Company.
Product Pickup and Delivery
  • Set time and place for student and parents to meet to pick up delivered products. Have parents and teachers to volunteer to help distribute product in an orderly fashion.
  • Have they student deliver their products that they sold. A personal thank you letter by the students can't hurt.


  • Celebrate a successful sale … consider special prizes to the top seller.
  • Enjoy the fruits of your labor, start thinking of ways on improving your next fundraiser.

Fundraiser Safety Tips

Child safety in fundraising is our main priority. That's why we discourage any student from selling door-to-door or selling to strangers.

Fundraising safety Do's and Don'ts:

  1. Be Safe & Be Smart -- Use your common sense.
  2. Make a list of friends, family, relatives, and neighbors to contact to avoid door-to-door sales.
  3. Parents must be involved with each fundraising activity.
  4. Follow all the instructions provided.
  5. Make sure Mom and Dad have approved who you intend to ask to support your group.
  6. Use the telephone to call family and friends to ask them to help your group by making a purchase.
  7. Never allow children to carry collected money unless accompanied by a responsible adult.
  8. Use the buddy system - don't sell alone.
  9. Do not carry large amounts of cash.
  10. Never talk to strangers.
  11. Never go out after dark.
  12. Do not enter homes.

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