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Everything Celtic and more! DVL, Inc., Established in 1978, when "Daniel Lynch" started a job in the leather goods and gifts business.

Daniel, of Irish descent, is a designer, artist, craftsman and salesman. His vision is to create modern classic pieces, using influences from the "Book of Kells",  the "Lindisfarne Gospels",  the "Book of Durrow",  and  the beauty of Irish Dance and Gaelic sport. The secrets of the Ancient Celts have not been lost.

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Daniel believes strongly in the importance of the Gaelic language. Products and Packaging feature the Celtic influence, as well as traditional Gaelic phrases with English translations. The romance, beauty and blessings of the Emerald Isle, and its Celtic origins, come alive within our products. Our Celtic symbols featuring shamrock, claddagh, cross, irish dancer, eternal knot, and many  more  represent a tradition that has flourished for thousands of years.

Our Celticdan products are manufactured specifically for us in our factory, or in a variety of high quality factories. Sometimes there are unavoidable delays in re-supply of popular items. If it is important for you to receive a product right away, please e-mail us at celticdan@celticdan.com.

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Daniel Lynch Celtic

We are proud of our Heritage!


We are members of the NACBA. We sell thru distributors and salesmen. John Fitzgerald and Associates is our Chicago based distributor. Frank Doherty is our sales representative in New York. If you are interested in being a distributor of our products, please contact us at info@celticdan.com. Tax exemption certificates required.

Our Staff and Friends

Many thanks to all including Jeremiah J, and Genevieve P. Lynch, my parents, Bridget Regan, Mary Barrett my lovely wife, Harry and Roseline Erskine Barrett ( In Laws), Geraldine O'Donnell, Anne McClafferty, Shay Clarke (Blarneys Everything Irish), Martin Haggerty, Cliff Carlson (www.irishamericannews.com), Peter, Tim, Bill, Mike and Jim Lynch, Melody Dooley (Chicago Gaelic Park), Mary Reilly, Mary Niland Murphy and our irish family.

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